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San Francisco Giants news is a little slow right now, so why not check out SF Giants Rumors interviews with Sergio Romo, Brian Wilson and Madison Bumgarner?!?!?

They’re getting to know you interviews, so you can see a different side of the players. You can even learn about their reactions to the news that they were getting called up to the show.

Go to SF Giants Q&A to see all our interviews!

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Gotta Love The Bats So Far

The Giants have just played 4 games in this young season. Three of them in Arizona and one so far in Colorado.

Yes, these are both hitter friendly parks, but you still have to be impressed with the Giants offense!

The pitching will come along and if they can keep the runs flowing, this could be a fun/good team to watch!

We have already seen Hector Sanchez step up and show his skills with the bat. Him behind the plate is not sacrificing the teams offense like it would have if Chris Stewart was the backup catcher.

4 games down…. 158 still to go… Stay tuned!

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Still No Cain Deal

Everyday that passes is a day closer to Opening Day. It’s also closer to the to the day that Matt Cain and the Giants would like to have an extension signed.

Which brings me to the question… How much is too much money for a Cain deal? Do you think he should get a deal like Barry Zito? We all know how that ended up. Fans wish that contract would be up and there is still 2 seasons left!

~King of Cali (Steven)
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Posey, Sanchez and Vogelsong

Spring Training has started and the Giants fans have finally got to see Buster Posey back behind the dish.

Freddy Sanchez has even been in the lineup as a DH. He should be playing the field in the near future.

Ryan Vogelsong says his back feels fine but the Giants are preparing for him to not be 100%. They said they’re prepared to skip his first start of the season if he needs more time.

You can keep yourself updated with all the daily rumors by going to SF Giants Rumors.

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Do Giants Have Enough Offense To Win NL West In 2012?

Happy New Years Giants fans! Let’s hope it will be a healthy 2012 for the San Francisco Giants!

The offensive upgrades have been bringing in Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan via trades. This offense will be much better in 2012 with a healthy Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez. Let’s not forget that Pablo Sandoval also missed some time.

Do you believe the Giants have enough to win the NL West in 2012?

King of Cali
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Shortstop Rumors, Brandon Crawford

The San Francisco Giants have recently been linked to shortstop Alex Gonzalez. Brian Sabean is making it clear that the Giants are out of the Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins sweepstakes.

Brandon Crawford tells me that he hears the rumors swirling, but they don’t bother him. They just drive him to work harder.

You can check out Crawford’s offseason insights that he shared with me at SF Giants Rumors.

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Giants In Play For A Shortstop

It’s been reported that the Giants made a 2-year offer to Willie Bloomquist before he re-signed with the Diamondbacks. The Giants are looking for a fallback option incase Brandon Crawford can get things going at the plate.

It’s still early in the offseason but it seems pretty clear that the Giants aren’t in play for Jose Reyes.

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Thoughts On Shortstop Targets

With the World Series close to being over. It’s time to start thinking about possible signing and trades.

The Giants have some holes to fill. First and foremost is they need a leadoff hitter. They can use an upgrade at shortstop and Jose Reyes or Jimmy Rollins can fill both those needs. If the G-Men decide to give the job to someone in house. The shortstop will be Brandon Crawford. I like the kid, and he’s been working on his swing in the AFL. He’s got a hot bat going over there.

What’s your thoughts on the Giants possible shortstop targets?

King of Cali (Steven)
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